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The Most Popular Kitchen Trends of 2020

A lot has happened in the kitchen design world throughout 2020, design styles have varied, the open concept kitchen is still a thing, there are many new storage solutions, top cabinets are disappearing, and colors are now a thing!

Here are the top 2020 trends for beautiful kitchens:

Trend #1: Bye-bye upper cabinets. Hello shelves and stylish hooks

With minimalism growing, upper cabinets have been reevaluated, especially in terms of having a cleaner clutter-free visual, and with more and more smart solutions for storage, cabinets don’t seem to be a necessity anymore.

So instead of upper cabinets, shelves started trending as a way to not only separate the backsplash but also, as a way of adding intentional decor that makes your kitchen have that cozy personalized detail.

In addition to open shelves, decorative and functional hooks have become popular. These hooks help you hang your brushes, spoons, measuring cups, and more in an organized manner. So you can see why this has become popular as it’s not only fashionable but functional.

But hey, if you still want extra storage or really like the upper cabinets, the trendy way to do it is by mixing them with shelving.

Here’s one of our kitchen designs with this style of shelving, cabinets, and hooks:

Trend #2: Matching stones for backsplash and island

Even though the open concept kitchen has been trending for over 10 years, I believe it’s safe to say it’s here to stay. And… It’s here to make the living room- kitchen merge flawlessly by using the kitchen island as a transition.

The multi-purpose island is especially used for those types of families that love gatherings and are wanting to be able to cook and hang out at the same time.

But what has changed? Well… These trendy islands are being fully covered, side to side by the same preferred stone used for the backsplash of the kitchen, so they can match beautifully.

Trend #3: Minimal cabinets with minimal bump-outs

The less clutter you see, the better. Being able to have a clean and organized kitchen free of stuff will definitely change your mood and even attitude when cooking.

Clean lines, same size, and same level cabinets with almost no bump-outs will turn your kitchen into a modern, fresh, and calm place to be. This detail will turn your kitchen into a non-bulky nor intense space, softer on the eye and far from busy.

Trend #4: Yes to warm grayish colors

When you think of what people look for in a kitchen they usually want bright, airy, and so on. That’s why it may sound strange but dark colors started trending, especially for kitchens.

However, there’s also a new beautiful hue of colors that is making kitchens rock. This trend is characterized by natural colors but with a gray tone that makes them soothing and calm, not bright, and irritable.

Check out one of my favorite kitchen projects and its amazing two color scheme options.

Trend #5: One of a kind personalized kitchen

We don’t want to have the same kitchen as our neighbors, and that’s been the drive for a lot of kitchen trends. People are doing their homework. With the power of the internet, more and more people are investigating different styles on Pinterest and the results are usually very unique. This, in turn, creates stylish kitchens that resemble people’s taste and personality.

Trend #6: The open kitchen concept now includes a patio

If we merge our living rooms with the kitchen, why not unite it with a beautiful, sunny, and fun patio?

This concept is always, growing, changing, and getting better. This time we have it with the outdoor patio. Sometimes fully opened and sometimes just a window that connects the food and cooking. This is a perfect complement to those fun conversations over wine with friends.


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