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3 Interior Design Trends To Be Bold With In: Colors, Nature And Stones

Are you looking for a colorful and fresh change? If so, this is the year to start!

Neutral colors have won our hearts since the century started, and there’s no way we’re leaving them aside. Yet, with the new year and season comes three key elements to play with: Earthy and nude tones, biophilia, and Terrazzo (a redesign stone).

These three elements work harmoniously when used in the same space if you’re willing to get a little creative. Here’s how:

Explore and implement the earthy and nude tones

Whites and neutral colors will always be king, but a little color never hurt anyone. Since the change of the century, interior design has been slowly but surely migrating into neutral colors. Farmhouse and industrial design absolutely dethroned bright colors and loud hues that interfere with the freshness and calmness of spaces, but since 2020 people started craving and even experimenting with different colors.

Of course, since minimalism and neutral colors, the idea is not maximalism nor the use of noisy colors, but rather the use of subtle ones that can be timeless and not overpowering. The general direction for colors are ones with a more gray and natural tone that one can find in nature.

It’s all about bringing the outside in and blending with some nude and greyish muted tones. Accomplishing this can revolutionize how you view your interior environment and even your feelings. It can be a great way to start the new year!

Embrace biophilia

Who said our homes couldn’t be a health resort? If you love nature and don’t have the time to get away frequently, here’s how you can have both!

Nude and earthy colors are essential as they will bring the outdoors inside. However, to receive the maximum effect you can’t just rely on paint. You will need to have actual nature, a living thing in your design. Edward O.Wilson, who is considered one of the most outstanding living biologists there is, and often called “The New Darwin”, introduced and popularized the hypothesis that we, human beings, have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature. Not just with the colors, with the living plants and animals.

And even though it’s only a hypothesis, I believe this is a true fact about us and its use has been increasing in popularity in architecture and interior design. We can prove it just by putting plants in a house or office. The environment immediately changes. It’s brightened and refreshed by their smell and colors. Life is brought to the equation. Not to mention we acquire the role of keeping them alive, and that by itself gives a new dimension to a space.

However, this trend is not just about buying a plant and putting it in your desk or dining room (even though that is a start). It’s all about designing your spaces around nature, blending your bath, kitchen, or room with a forest or jungle. Letting the green, the stones, and the earth be the center of the decor and the ruler of the feeling.

Picture yourself with a nice tree inside of your shower and some stones around it providing a refreshing look. It’ll be just like a spa! And it can be in your home.

Bring color and jaw-dropping biophilic spaces. Can this get any better? Yes! We have a redesigned stone.

Master Terrazzo

Back in the day, an old worn stone was the style. Now it’s been beautifully recreated with new colors - for our joy- nude colors, and different grain sizes.

This feature will give personality to your spaces and spice them up like almost nothing else can. The best part of it is now there are options for everyone. From the most neutral and classic taste to the most colorful and joyful one.

Of course, as everything that has to do with color and stones that attract attention, this beauty has to be handled with care. If you’re all about the colors for this year, I recommend using it on a focal wall only. This is definitely not a stone for multiple walls nor kitchen countertops.

If you want to play it safe, definitely go for the neutral and earthy type of Terrazzo, but if you want to go for the fun one, just use it in a small space and don’t overdo it.

Keep in mind that when things are less minimal, or draw more attention to the eye, you can get tired of it sooner. So make sure the colors that are being displayed in the tile are soft. If you feel you could get tired of it, go for the neutral one. The cement look Terrazzo is incredibly beautiful, and the crude one even more so! It’s very similar to the travertine stone which is also gorgeous and has nude colors.

Dare to blend these trends and have yourself the perfect place to rest, work, or simply enjoy with your loved ones.


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