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Classic Design: A New Way Of Modernizing Your Spaces

Trends come and go. Styles vary and designers get inspired. The beginning of this year has brought a lot of new inspirations that have reinvented what we know today as classic interior design. The new, modernized version has been flooding Pinterest with images that showcase the usual classic design such as trim molding everywhere. But the big difference is that, it’s colorful!

Why the change? Design trends went from super bold, loud designs to a rebellious extremely clean, and simple style. Because of this, we had a few years where design lacked character. And of course, we got tired of the overly simple. However, this transition resulted in the perfect blend between classic style and other types of design.

Classic interior design has been modernized, and it’s now what we call the Modern Classic style. It’s all about elegance and simplicity, all in one room. Here’s how to implement the new trend:

Rule #1: Break the rules

Yes. You read me. You have to break them in order to freshen up the style. The traditional way of doing classic doesn’t include woods, colors, nor modern furniture, yet, we started experimenting with other styles and Modern Classic came along. And it’s looking good! It just has to be done the correct way. You just need to harmoniously blend it all. To successfully mix simplicity and elegance, here are some tips:

  • Keep it delicate

Fineness or intricacy of the structure is key. You can play around and change almost any element of classic design, but you have to keep its main details: Trim molding. Casing trim around windows and doors, baseboards in the bottom of the walls, and crown molding in the ceiling. This architectural element is the only one you can’t change if you are striving for this trend.

  • Maintain the key elements, change the rest

Innovate with other types of flooring, kitchen style, and furniture. Taking the white marble out of the equation and trying new features like cement or wood floors will give the original style a more industrial or modern look. The good news is you can be modern and minimal but still have the tasteful and sophisticated details that classic brings in.

So, refresh the place with different furniture types that bring simplicity, clean lines, and shapes, and use any principle from modern design. Blending the crown molding, tall baseboard, and all the luxurious elements with clean lines and shapes makes the difference.

You can create new designs by mixing the classic elements with other styles such as Industrial or Scandinavian. You can give your space a minimalist touch while still being classic.

  • Dress the delicate trim with muted colors

Those gorgeous molding details on the walls and doors are now being highlighted with colors that bring life and sophistication to almost any place. Of course, I’m not talking about any color. The tendency is to use hues with a greyish tone, not loud nor bright. You need to apply colors that are muted and can be used in spaces where windows are plentiful.

It’s very important to mention that these types of colors, even though they are muted and soothing, can only be used in rooms with a lot of light because if it’s applied in a dark place the feel of the room can be gloomy and affect your mood.

  • Always be minimal

Classic design can sometimes be a little heavy on specific details, but in this case, always strive for minimalism. Let certain and very few elements stand out such as the trim molding, centerpieces, artwork, or lamps. Minimalism is one of the most important ways in which you can keep any design modern.

Mix and match. Mix and match again. Dare to be bold and modern but still elegant and classy ;)


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