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With a wide range of design styles, we specialize in creating cozy, inviting homes that reflect your unique taste and lifestyle. From Mid-Century Modern to Boho, Scandinavian to Japandi. No matter your design style your project is carefully crafted to make your dream home a reality.

Experience our serene Wabi Sabi project. Inspired by nature's beauty, we embrace imperfection. Delicate, imperfect woods harmonize with weathered pots, creating a soothing ambiance. Soft beiges and gentle whites evoke tranquility. Immerse in Wabi Sabi's captivating serenity, where imperfection becomes art, nature's beauty shines.

Immerse in the captivating Victorian Bibliothec, a Titanic-inspired elegance. Transport yourself to a bygone era amid medium to dark shiny wood, soft beige walls with a hint of greyish ivory, and exquisite darkish green accents. Adjoining is a kitchen blending old-world allure with modern elements, offering an opulence where nostalgia meets contemporary design.

Indulge in the tranquility of our masterfully designed Herban Spa Bath. This modern yet cozy oasis features a luxurious shower, bathtub, and sleek cylinder pedestal sinks. Embrace the warmth of carefully selected woods and calming plants, evoking an indoor-outdoor shower sensation. Natural light floods the space through skylights and expansive windows, while external plants ensure privacy without sacrificing the connection to nature. Immerse yourself in the ultimate spa-like experience of our rejuvenating interior garden, where every detail harmoniously rejuvenates the senses.

Enter the tranquil embrace of this Texas modern sanctuary, a seamless dance of comforting allure and contemporary sophistication. The exterior gracefully emanates warmth, adorned with gentle wood accents and sleek lines that cradle expansive windows, inviting the soft embrace of natural light. The curated landscape unfolds like a serene painting, embracing an infinity pool that mirrors the sky's hues and a flickering fire pit where stories and laughter find their place amidst the soothing whispers of the wind. Nestled thoughtfully are fire features, casting a gentle glow that harmonizes with the surroundings, an enchanting duet of warmth and the gentle lull of cool waters, all set against the captivating canvas of the Texas horizon.

Our Biophilia project is an elegant and spa-like masterpiece. The master bath is adorned with white pebbles surrounding the bathtub, creating a serene oasis. Abundant plants bring nature indoors, offering a refreshing and calming atmosphere. Nestled within a beautiful home, this Biophilia project is a unique retreat, perfect for indulging in relaxation and sophistication.

Experience the allure of the "Paris Penthouse," a harmonious blend of classic and modern design. Soft ivory walls and elegant velvet fabrics create a sophisticated ambiance. With unexpected rustic wood decorations adding warmth and charm, this space exudes refined elegance. Brass accents elevate the overall glamour of this Parisian retreat.

The Royal Chamber is a luxurious and distinguished New York penthouse suite, seamlessly integrating a kitchen, dining room, formal living room, and family room. With an air of prestigious elegance and a touch of modernity, this sophisticated space features a classical design boasting a timeless black and white palette with carefully curated hints of color. The opulent ambiance creates a perfect getaway, offering unparalleled sophistication and refinement for those seeking a lavish urban retreat in the heart of New York City.

Step into our Victorian era washroom, where timeless elegance meets modern comfort. With rich woods, a black and white palette, and a captivating modern claw-footed pedestal bathtub, it evokes the charm of an old yet exquisitely conserved home. Located in York, England, this washroom is a cozy and refined sanctuary that effortlessly blends the past with the present.

In a charming US downtown, this boho-inspired apartment is a haven of creativity and comfort with a touch of Bauhaus brilliance. Pink and green walls, heavily textured white walls with wabi-sabi charm, and Japandi furniture achieve a harmonious style-comfort balance, subtly nodding to the geometric precision of Bauhaus. Arched doorways, windows, and pink and green cabinets add character. Light terrazzo countertops ground the space, creating a cozy, nomadic atmosphere—a delightful urban retreat with a Bauhaus twist

NM_6 - Photo (3).jpg

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Adobe Abode, a captivating Mexican-inspired sanctuary nestled amidst New Mexico's breathtaking desert landscape. With its wabi-sabi charm and wooden beams peeking from the adobe walls, this tranquil retreat invites you to unwind amidst the cacti-dotted surroundings. Indulge in moments of bliss by the serene pool or find tranquility on the rooftop-style balconies, where the desert's allure unfolds before your eyes.

In the living room and master bedroom of this modern mansion, contemporary elegance meets warmth and comfort. The living room features plush, deep-toned textiles on sleek furniture, complemented by a wooden-clad fireplace and concealed LED lighting that casts a soft, inviting ambiance. Transitioning into the master bedroom, a wooden accent wall adds rustic charm to the modern design. Luxurious bedding, calming colors, and discreet LED strips create a serene and cozy sanctuary, ensuring both spaces exude a harmonious blend of style and comfort.

"Cliffscape Farmhouse" is a stunning coastal retreat perched on Oregon's cliffs. It seamlessly combines rustic farmhouse charm with modern design, offering panoramic ocean views. Embracing the tall grass thriving from constant rain, it feels like an Oregon fairy tale. Step inside to experience a thoughtfully crafted interior blending comfort, style, and natural beauty. Enjoy the perfect harmony of nature and modern living in this serene coastal sanctuary.

Angelone Farmstead stands as an alluring and original farmhouse modern home, skillfully steering clear of commonplace cliches. It beckons with a soothing and tranquil ambiance that embraces you upon entry. A harmonious fusion of high-end, classy, and minimalist elements creates an extraordinary living space, where uniqueness and charm intertwine. Prepare to be captivated by its distinctive allure, inviting you to experience relaxation and inner peace in a truly unparalleled setting.

This kitchen exudes a tranquil blend of boho, rustic, and wabi-sabi styles, featuring muted colors that backdrop the natural textures and organic materials. The weathered wood, vintage touches, and handcrafted details evoke a rustic charm, while wabi-sabi's embrace of imperfections infuses an authentic, serene ambiance. It's a space that invites you to find solace in simplicity, connecting with the beauty of the imperfect and the calm of unrefined elements—a true embodiment of understated elegance.

Entwined Waterside Haven is a captivating architectural marvel on the water's edge in Washington State. This extraordinary dwelling combines a main home with a floating tiny abode, offering island-hopping adventures and a serene living experience. Embrace the allure of a modern cabin with rustic wooden accents amidst mossy trees and rocks, while enjoying panoramic views of the Seattle skyline. Explore the beauty of Washington's islands from the floating tiny home, immersed in the seamless harmony of "Entwined Waterside Haven"—a unique dwelling that captures tranquility and enchantment.

Embark on a journey where modern elegance merges with timeless charm. Our farmhouse seamlessly blends clean lines and minimalism, presenting a striking silhouette where the square structure converges into a sharp, slanted roof. Pristine white and bold black tones, accentuated by warm wood paneling, form the perfect canvas for this architectural masterpiece. Outdoors, stone pebbles guide the way to an elongated pool surrounded by modern, inviting furnishings. Calming plants and trees embrace the space, creating a haven of luxury and tranquility—an embodiment of modern living embraced by nature.

Step into the timeless allure of our serene Wabi Sabi project, where every element tells a story of nature's exquisite beauty. Here, imperfection is not merely accepted but celebrated as an art form. Delicate, imperfect woods gracefully intertwine with weathered pots, crafting an atmosphere of understated elegance that resonates with the authenticity of the natural world. Soft beiges and gentle whites, thoughtfully chosen to evoke tranquility, create a soothing palette that bathes the space in a quiet, meditative ambiance. Immerse yourself in the captivating serenity of Wabi Sabi, where every imperfection is a unique brushstroke on the canvas of life. In this space, nature's beauty reveals itself in every detail, reminding us that true harmony lies in the delicate dance between perfection and imperfection.

Tiny Explorers Haven captures dreams of two young adventurers. In the girl's room, a charming structure above her bed creates a whimsical atmosphere in shades of pink, teal, and green. The tiny windows and tree-like design evoke a dollhouse, crafting a cozy space. On the other side, the boy's room transports its occupant to a vibrant jungle oasis. The bed is crowned with a jungle-themed structure, featuring lush blues and greens. Complete with jungle animal accents, this room is a thrilling escape for any young explorer. Tiny Explorers Haven turns bedrooms into magical realms where creativity knows no bounds.

Poe Residence, a modern farmhouse boasting clean lines, a striking silhouette, and crisp white siding complemented by bold black accents. Outside, amid a lush, untamed garden, chic furnishings encircle an elongated pool, striking a perfect balance between farmhouse charm and contemporary elegance, accentuated by the wild beauty of nature and tranquil surroundings.

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