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ASTRATTO SPA BATH 10.12.2020 2020-12-10 21353600000 (2).jpg

Herban Spa Bath

Indulge in the tranquility of our masterfully designed Herban Spa Bath. This modern yet cozy oasis features a luxurious shower, bathtub, and sleek cylinder pedestal sinks. Embrace the warmth of carefully selected woods and calming plants, evoking an indoor-outdoor shower sensation. Natural light floods the space through skylights and expansive windows, while external plants ensure privacy without sacrificing the connection to nature. Immerse yourself in the ultimate spa-like experience of our rejuvenating interior garden, where every detail harmoniously rejuvenates the senses.

ASTRATTO SPA BATH 10.08.2020 2023-07-16 19164300000.png
ASTRATTO SPA BATH 12.13.2020 2020-12-13 22415100000 (1).jpg

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