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3D Rendering: What It Is and Why It’s Essential for Your Design

3D rendering technology takes our imagination from just a dream to the brink of reality. By creating vivid images it fills the gap between the realm of ideas and real life.

When I began to work as a designer before I started Astratto Design, I used to work for an architect and an interior designer in Florida, but I barely had to meet up with them. There was no need because we did everything remotely.

That’s when I realized I could help anyone anywhere in the world. I could be in Dubai or traveling in Arizona and I could still design for clients.

What’s a 3D rendering even?

A rendering is pretty much just an image or drawing the computer does. When adding the term 3D it just indicates that it shows depth when compared to a 2D drawing which is flat.

You will also see the term “photorealistic” to describe “3D photorealistic renderings”. This just means the rendering is going to look like a photo. Sometimes you can even have a hard time figuring out what is a photo and what is a rendering!

With increasing and emerging technology, renderings have evolved from still images or “drawings” to 360-degree panoramas and even virtual tours and videos where you can actually walk through the whole project.

And… Why are 3D renderings important in any construction project?

When it comes to construction, they play a huge role. I would describe them as vital from the beginning.

They of course help you to visualize your future design but they can also showcase major mistakes and flaws that could have been costly if not seen before construction. Clients constantly give testimonies of how our renderings have helped them see that their visions are possible as well as save them from those costly mistakes!

3D renderings give us vision. And vision always saves us from errors and future problems.

Here is what a recent client of ours had to say!

“I am realizing now that interior is not as easy as I thought, maybe even harder than exterior IMO. The first draft actually helped me a lot to realize problems with dimensions and layouts, so I went back to the drawing board to make a few changes to the layout. I understand this would have been a bigger problem once we would have started building the house. I am thinking I will end up doing the entire house with Astratto Design just to make sure I won’t run into worse problems down the line.” - Ildar

Other benefits of 3D renderings

And just to give a few more reasons to consider renderings before building, here are some other great benefits you can get from them.

You’re able to see the ability of your future designer

Here is where our reputation rests. The renderings will tell you if they are good or able to create what you envision.

They make a better design

One of the most important abilities of a designer is being able to build based on your feedback, wants, and needs. Photorealistic renderings will give a lot more visual information than words, promises, and reputation. If you can see how your future project will look like, you can analyze it, use it, change it or start from scratch if it wasn’t what you imagined. There is no need to just rely on “trust me”.

They give you the possibility of modifying numerous amounts of details

And even the whole project without spending a lot of money trying to change what’s already been built in real life. Since your project is built as a digital model first, all of this is possible.

You can also have:

  • Realistic visibility of the building’s appearance before its built.

  • Accuracy of all elements and details

  • Significant changes are done in a matter of weeks.

  • One of the most effective marketing tools for real estate and development projects.

“My journey began months ago, perhaps even a year. I had searched far and wide, looking for a designer who I felt could bring my vision to life! It was a struggle. See, I am the type of individual who dreams big, but can never fully articulate that dream. I needed someone who knew what I wanted before I knew what I wanted. I required a designer with vision and skill, not to mention a willingness to please and an elevated concern for the client experience. Astratto Design is all those things, and more. Astratto is a pleasure to work with. They are professional, yet fun, and really enjoy what they do. Having a firm to partner with, that gets as excited as I did, about my project, really made for an enjoyable experience.” Jerry - Astratto Design’s Client


Our services

We are ready to help you experience all these benefits with our services! Our services include:

Still renderings

These are still photorealistic images that show the interior or exterior design of a project.

Interior Design - Still Rendering
Exterior Design - Still Rendering

Interior and exterior design video animation

A walkthrough video that will allow you to be immersed in your future home or business as if it already existed. You are able to see every detail of the interior and exterior of your project.

360 panorama image

This is a 360-degree image of a single space where you can move around by clicking it with your mouse and see everything in that room. Here's a preview video, but to enjoy the full experience, click on the link below.

360 panorama tour

These are also 360-degree images of a single space but stitched together to resemble a virtual tour. In this case, you’re able to move around the whole project, including different rooms and areas. This panorama makes you feel like you’re actually inside the place.

Here's a preview video, for the full experience, click on the link below.


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