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The Perfect Pitch: 4 Reasons How Renderings Will Elevate Your Project and Attract Investors

You have the perfect idea but you are wondering: how do I sell others on it?

You know that you need to find some investors, but how do you actually get them? You put together a great presentation full of numbers, charts, business statements, and much more but it really doesn’t seem to be attracting investors.

Why is that? One of the biggest reasons is that we are visual creatures that need to really see and feel it to truly envision something. That is where renderings come into play! Here are four reasons how renderings can elevate your project and attract investors:

Commercial renderings can significantly enhance productivity and give you a head start

Commercial renderings bring the interior design and architecture into play long before the project actually starts. This will give you a huge head start with all the design and construction details of the project itself. Your architects, designers, and even investors can make design changes before the construction period, which in turn will save you a lot of costly mistakes, time, and money!

Commercial renderings provide what investors look for: A true visualization of the idea

Sometimes words, numbers, and graphs aren’t enough for an investor pitch. When investors have a tangible picture it makes all the difference. There is a reason why the saying is, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

In addition to actually being able to see what’s in your head on paper (or a computer screen for that matter), investors will feel more at peace when having concerns addressed. They will be able to see how the building will look compared to the surrounding area, how it would attract attention, and many more typical investor questions can be answered with renderings!

Commercial Renderings Can Promote Creativity and Attract More Investors

By utilizing renderings you can really play around with unique, new, and innovative designs. You wouldn’t have this benefit in the actual design and construction stage due to the enormous cost and time to make changes. Because of this, you can see if the latest design trend would really work for the space, if those Pinterest ideas are practical, or if those two colors work.

And because you can get creative you will stand out more to investors!

Commercial Renderings Can Expedite The Legal Process

Want to really win over an investor’s heart? Tell them the permit and legal process will be much easier! Renderings are a great aid to help speed up the city’s approval process. In fact, a lot of cities are even requiring renderings as part of their approval process.

So many great ideas and projects have been hindered because of bureaucracy and unforeseen mistakes. Maybe a wall is too close to the property line or maybe the city is afraid of how it will blend in with the neighborhood.

By having renderings you can showcase the true beauty of your idea to the city and easily address any problems they have. Investors won’t have to worry nearly as much about the legalities and can focus on your idea instead!

Commercial renderings can really be the difference between your dream coming to fruition or having to put it on the back burner. So don’t hesitate to contact us to get started on designing and creating your very own renderings right away! We can’t wait to bring your idea to life!


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