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New Year, New Look, New Logo!

Cheers to the new year! Since it's a new year we decided on a new look! So we are announcing our new Instagram and our new logo!

With it being Astratto Design's 6th anniversary we are excited to bring new ideas to you this year! But first, we would love to share our story of how Astratto Design began and how the first logo was created so that you can get to know us better.

Astratto Design began in January of 2016 about a year after Austin & I got married. It was a very scary moment in our lives because we decided to leave our regular 9-5 jobs to launch our dream which was to help people envision their own dreams and help them bring them to life through 3D renderings and design.

That's where the name "Astratto Design" comes into play. "Astratto" means abstract in Italian, and well, we all know what "Design" means so no need to explain that part of the name. So why "Astratto"? The first reason is that we decided to pursue a modern contemporary but warm style and abstract art is along those lines. The second and main reason is that people's thoughts and ideas tend to be abstract since they are not envisioned yet and are much less real to them. Our mission was and still is to take a client's abstract thoughts and translate them to paper and make them more tangible.

So why did we choose to have an Italian name? Well, abstract in English doesn't have quite the punch does it? And, let's state the obvious, the Italian language is just simply attractive! Also, Italians are often automatically associated with design. From luxurious cars such as Ferrari or Lamborghini to fashion such as Versace, or even just the incredible interior design firms like Pedini!

So once we decided on the name we had to come up with a logo. Since we were in a vulnerable place starting out hiring a graphic designer wasn't an option. So even though I, Michelle, wasn't a graphic designer I decided to give it a shot since I am still a designer after all! I wanted an abstract art look so I started doodling a million swivels on paper until something stuck. The triangle represents the A for Astratto and the purple swivel represents the D in Design. Check out the original below!

We were new at owning a business so branding was a new thing for us and so after a year or so we subtly modified parts of our logo but just enough to give us a bit of a fresher look. We came up with this!

After growing for a bit we started adding amazing professionals to our team. Not only our design team but to our social media and branding team! What a difference it made! And to this, we owe our precious team and our incredible clientele in which we would be nothing without! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

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