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Christmas Decorations Ideas: Everything You Need To Rock The Holidays

Are you tired of putting up the same Christmas decor year after year? If the answer is yes and you definitely feel like you need something new and fresh I really recommend a design that focuses on minimalism, nature, and modern aesthetics.

Here are my top five design tips in order to do this and be the seasonal envy of your neighbors and friends.

Selecting a color scheme

We don’t usually think about this when buying our Christmas decor, but I assure you it makes a huge difference. Color can change and affect your mood in ways you can never imagine, so this is a great starting point.

  • Instead of using the traditional primary red and green colors, choose other color palettes you can find on Pinterest. For example, mixing a dark wine red color and gold.

  • For an easier yet modern and cozy choice, you’ll never go wrong with neutral and natural colors such as the greens for the reefs and garlands, brown from the pine cones, and white ornaments or gifts to represent snow. And also use black to give your soothing design boldness and contrast.

So, go on Pinterest and find a color scheme you like, preferably a Christmas one so you know what colors look good together. After finding it, base your decorations and everything around your selected color scheme.

Here are some examples of the color schemes I have selected for my decorations:

Choose your lights well

For a beautiful, calming, and cozy Christmas always, always, did I say always? Use natural lighting. Never use colored, white or blue lights. Those are the opposite of cozy and the colored ones are extremely difficult to decorate well with. So, since natural lighting is the only perfect option, it’s important to try to be creative with them.

  • Use Edison bulb strings lights

  • Use rattan ball string lights

  • Use cotton ball string lights

  • Use the sphere style bulb Christmas lights

Mix your greenery for amazing garlands & reefs

Garlands and reefs have always been traditional, but there are actually countless ways of using them in an artistic and contemporary way. Here’s how:

  • Let the green be the focus: The typical greens to use are pine or evergreen greenery but you can elevate it by also using other greens like cedar, magnolia, eucalyptus, blue spruce, redwood, pine, or juniper, and allowing the greens to be the focus rather than the background.

  • Be asymmetrical: Instead of having the garland hang perfectly from both sides, have it hang only from one side, and rather than creating a full circle on a reef do a semi-circle and leave the rest bare.

  • Minimally decorate your greens: Let the greens be the MVP. Traditionally, the greenery in reefs and garlands was more of a background and the ornaments and decor were more of the main focus. Now it's all about nature, so show those greens off!

  • Explore other alternatives different from greens: You can find garlands that are beautiful and made with other materials. Here are some options:

  • White cotton ball string can be fun and represent snow

  • Driftwood is a great rustic option. It can really compliment a farmhouse style, and it can be used for reefs and as garlands for the tree or stair railing.

  • Wooden ball garlands are neutral and natural and can work with any decor. Try it!

  • Be creative about where and how you use greenery:

Use a long full garland of greenery on the formal dining table. Think wedding style. And use them vertically rather than horizontally. Dripping and falling plants create tranquillity and bring that peace of Christmas.

The tree, its decorations & other house areas

The Christmas tree is more important than ever since an emphasis on nature is the current trend. To keep the focus on the tree, utilize ornaments to a minimum with not much detail. You can even use traditional ornament balls as long as they are with neutral colors or just solid colors to keep it minimal. Always think less is more.

For general decor around the home:

  • Use wooden decor

  • Use glass vases and containers to add pine tree branches to them. It's simple and modern but it keeps the tradition of using pine tree greens.

  • Use dead branches from other trees. This helps to sell the idea of winter inside your own home since most trees die out during winter.

  • Pine cones are a big deal, and chopped logs of wood for a fireplace will be the perfect compliment. Even if you don’t have a chimney!

So as you can see you don’t have to fret over trying to choose between decorating your Christmas tree the traditional way or using modern decorations. Both can blend flawlessly! So feel free to break out the usual ornaments and lights. Just be sure to try to follow the tips!

I especially want to emphasize to avoid irritable colors such as bright red and to try to use colors like white, gold, silver, and beige.

Don’t forget your gift wrapping

A lot of people tend to forget this, but gifts are very important to the design and can definitely take away its sparkle if you are not careful.

I realized this myself a few years ago when my tree looked beautiful and then we got near to Christmas Day and the gifts began to pile up and slowly but surely it ruined the entire design of the tree! Is this OCD? Maybe!

So, to fix this dilemma, here are some ideas:

  • Buy the wrapping paper for your family

It's not very expensive and it's a nice gesture. This also means you know what colors will be under the tree. Every detail counts. One ugly looking gift will change the look of your decor, and it's very easy to destroy your decor by using old wrapping paper from 20 years ago.

If you are really up for some extra work, you can even offer to wrap them yourself. Most people hate wrapping!! So do them a favor and do yourself a favor.

  • Instead of the traditional store-bought bows create your own and be creative!

Use pine cones, greenery, and twine or jute to decorate your gifts. Gifts don’t necessarily have to have a bow, you can be artistic and do anything.

  • Use wrapping paper with neutral colors

You can choose patterns or just solid neutral colors like different tones of grey, beige, white, and black. But if you’re going to use other colors, make sure you follow your preferred color palette.

And if you are feeling extra creative and unique you can use fabric for wrapping rather than wrapping paper. Yes, it would be more expensive but it can be used over and over again for the next year, so you can potentially save money. Especially if you keep the color neutral.

In the end, check Pinterest for ideas, become a visionary, and keep in mind that gifts do play a huge role in your Christmas design! Merry Christmas!


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