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Wabi Sabi

Experience our serene Wabi Sabi project. Inspired by nature's beauty, we embrace imperfection. Delicate, imperfect woods harmonize with weathered pots, creating a soothing ambiance. Soft beiges and gentle whites evoke tranquility. Immerse in Wabi Sabi's captivating serenity, where imperfection becomes art, nature's beauty shines.

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Victoria Bibliothec

Step into the captivating Victorian Bibliothec, a Titanic-inspired library living room exuding timeless elegance and wisdom, reminiscent of a bygone British era. Immerse yourself in the rich atmosphere of medium to dark shiny wood, soft beige walls with a hint of greyish ivory, and exquisite darkish green accents. Adjoining is a kitchen blending old-world allure with modern elements, offering an opulence where nostalgia gracefully meets contemporary design.

Form Flow Pilates

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The Board Room Lounge

Enter the realm of a stunning boardroom lounge, where sophistication meets allure in an exquisitely designed lobby. This space exudes class and elegance, providing a perfect retreat after work to indulge in a delightful array of mixology drinks. Each beverage is meticulously crafted, mirroring the uniqueness of the surroundings. With its alluring ambiance and sophisticated charm, this beautiful lounge offers a captivating experience, enticing you to savor every moment in a setting that is truly one-of-a-kind.

ASTRATTO BOARDROOM READY TO RENDER 09.27.21 2021-09-28 00205000000 (2).jpg
ASTRATTO SPA BATH 10.08.2020 2023-07-16 19164300000.png

Herban Spa Bath

In the serenity of our Herban Spa Bath, a modern and cozy oasis awaits. Embrace the warmth of selected woods and calming plants, evoking an indoor-outdoor shower sensation. Natural light floods through skylights and windows, connecting you to nature. Immerse in the ultimate spa-like experience of our rejuvenating interior garden, harmoniously rejuvenating the senses.

All Six Skin Care

At "All Six Skin Care," an elegant California spa, tranquility and sophistication harmoniously merge, creating a blissful oasis. The serene presence of beautiful travertine envelops you in a calming embrace, inducing pure relaxation and happiness. Immerse yourself in the soothing ambiance, as we provide rejuvenating skin care services tailored to your needs. Join us on this path to wellness, where each moment offers a chance to discover the joy of pure tranquility for your skin and soul.

NEW ALL SIX SKIN CARE 10.17.19 2019-10-17 19322900000 (1).jpg
ANGELONE 04.15.2020 2020-04-16 00244400000-.jpg

Angelone Farmstead

The Angelone project stands as an alluring and original farmhouse modern home, skillfully steering clear of commonplace cliches. It beckons with a soothing and tranquil ambiance that embraces you upon entry. A harmonious fusion of high-end, classy, and minimalist elements creates an extraordinary living space, where uniqueness and charm intertwine. Prepare to be captivated by its distinctive allure, inviting you to experience relaxation and inner peace in a truly unparalleled setting.

IV Concierge

At IV Concierge, elegance meets opulence in a prestigious cosmetic spa. Linear wood paneling and hidden burnt orange lighting create a warm, inviting ambiance for discerning clients. Experience refined relaxation and the epitome of luxury at IV Concierge.

CONCIERGE IV RENDER READY 2 2018-05-17 09404000000 DF.png
CLASSIC KITCHEN PANORAMA TOUR REDO 05.3.2021 2021-05-03 11144200000.jpg

Royal Chambre

In the Royal Chamber, behold a grand and distinguished space where kitchen, dining, living, and family unite in presidential luxury with a modern touch. Prestigious elegance reigns with timeless black and white hues, adorned by elegant paneling and carefully curated hints of color. A remarkable fusion of tradition and modernity creates an ambiance befitting a modern-day leader, offering a space of unparalleled sophistication and refinement.

7th Ave Office

At 7th Ave Office, modern professionalism meets industrial chic. Abundant natural light, black accents, and lush greenery create a refreshing and inspiring ambiance. Private offices feature skylights for seamless connectivity to the vibrant communal area, enhancing productivity. Large windows flood the space with light, promoting motivation and positivity. The innovative privacy feature allows easy switching between collaboration and focused work. Experience productivity and creativity in this seamless blend of modern aesthetics and professionalism.

7TH AVE OFFICE - 04.15.2021 - V012.B.jpg
CLASSIC KITCHEN - M - 01.30.2021 2 2021-01-31 21324100000 (4).png

Paris Penthouse

Experience the allure of the "Paris Penthouse," a harmonious blend of classic and modern design. Soft ivory walls and elegant velvet fabrics create a sophisticated ambiance. With unexpected rustic wood decorations adding warmth and charm, this space exudes refined elegance. Brass accents elevate the overall glamour of this Parisian retreat.

Bethesda Dentistry

Bathesda Dentistry embodies a captivating dental office with a refreshing contemporary and inviting ambiance. The seamless fusion of comfort and modernity creates a soothing environment for patients. Lush greenery artfully intertwines with the interior, infusing a touch of nature's tranquility into the design. Step inside this exquisite dental oasis, where each visit promises an enchanting and rejuvenating experience.

Copy of Dental Office 06.25.20 A 2020-06-25 19034300000.jpg
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Vibrant Nomad Nook

Welcome to the "Colorful Nomad Nook," a vibrant and sophisticated bohemian haven. With its unique combination of soft, muted tones in pink and green, this home is a bold yet harmonious expression of individuality. Step inside this fun and captivating space, where unconventional beauty shines with whimsical charm. Embrace the joy of self-expression and celebrate a home that is as vibrant as it is intriguing.

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